Facilitative Advocacy

In the Best Interest of the Student

Redefining Advocacy for Students with Disabilities in the 21st Century

The federal regulations and state laws that govern special education can be overwhelming leaving  parents and educators frustrated.  Facilitative Advocacy can assist parents and educators in navigating an increasingly complex special education system.

 In the Best Interest of the Student is redefining the traditional educational advocacy approach by using Facilitative Advocacy in working with families.  We are dedicated to assist in this journey by working with you, not for you, to ensure an understanding of the special education process, beginning when a child may be eligible for services through when an adult student exits the school system. 

Our focus is on collaborative methods for addressing issues and resolving disagreements. 

Hallmarks of this innovative approach include:

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Approaches that Encourage Ongoing Participation
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Approaches that Encourage Collaborative Partnerships

We have decades of experience with special education at the federal, state, and local level.  We assume a neutral position in working with parents and educators regarding the Best Interest of the Student in the special education process. Sometimes the interests of the parents and educators are not aligned due to a misunderstanding or disagreement.  In those situations, we attempt to shift everyone’s intent back on the Best Interest of the Student and the law. While our focus is on alternatives to traditional dispute resolution, we are knowledgeable about the more formal special education dispute resolution processes (mediation, written complaint to the state, and due process complaint). However, we believe the best solutions are achieved at the classroom, campus, and district levels.

Fees for our Facilitative Advocacy services are based on individual situations and needs.  We begin by listening to understand, asking questions to clarify our understanding, and then determine/design with you (not for you) a course of action and costs. There is no cost the first time we speak with you. If you believe this advocacy approach could assist you and the educators who serve/support your child, please contact us today! 

The three-minute audio recording below provides a more detailed explanation of Facilitative Advocacy: